Lee Young Ae, an actress and a mother of two children,
hopes to live in a safe and healthy environment with her family.
Lyanature co. a research firm specializing in botanical skin care products,
has been established to fulfill her wishes of producing and developing cosmetic products made of pure botanical ingredients.

Lyanature provides cleansing products, skincare products and hair&body products,
which are all suitable for babies, pregnant women, and adults with sensitive skin
LYA’s philosophy
LYA’s philosophy
For our loving and precious family, there’s
nothing better than living in harmony
with fresh and pure nature.
Lee Young Ae
The beauty that nature creates
My worries have increased after giving birth.
A lot has gone through my head, especially when
my babies had skin trouble. Thinking that it was
due to the living environment, I decided to leave
the city and move to Moonhori.
Living in Moonhori - in harmony with nature,
fresh air, and clean water - allowed my children
to grow up healthy and beautiful. I, too, was able to
maintain my beauty.
Lovely face of my grandmother
Cosmetics were not as common as today, but my
grandmother looked truly graceful and lovely for
her age.
I remember my grandmother washing her hair
using water infused with sweet flag (calamus) and
tidying her hair with castor oil every time I went to
her house on vacation during my childhood.
She would gently massage her face with camellia
oil before bed.
It seemed old-fashioned at the time, but now that I
think about it, it is the best skin care regimen
provided by nature.
Worrisome Chemical Ingredients
Until recently, I used and preferred famous
brand cosmetics; simply because of a belief
that a big, well-known company would
produce good cosmetics. But after becoming a
mother, I started paying close attention to
cosmetic ingredients, which may be harmful
to mothers and children.
“Healthy baby skin will last forever.
Maintain your baby’s gentle and delicate skin with botanical ingredients.”
Lyanature’s mom&twins is designed not only for newly-born babies and children but
also for all family members.
Lyanature’s Cosmetics...
1. Are 100% botanical* and free of preservatives and chemicals**.
2. Use only the confirmed plant nutrients as our main ingredient which is extracted through a cold process method.
3. Through clinical tests, we verify the safety and effectiveness of skin enhancement.
This is to protect children’s skin and to help make mother’s skin more beautiful.
Lyanature uses a cold process extraction method because the heat extraction process (boiling water at over 100℃) and organic solvent (chemical component) extraction method may destroy the nutritional value and leave chemical residues.
* All ingredients used are plant-derived
** Synthetic ingredients according to ICID(International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary)
Antiseptics (preservatives) may be harmful to mothers and children.
Using antiseptics (preservatives) is common and the easiest way to prevent cosmetics from spoiling. However, since the exact toxicity is unknown, we could not add this chemical into our products that mothers and children use.
So, our researchers at Lyanature studied and researched a method of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms using ‘Available Water Activity Index’ - which is widely used in measuring the water in a food. We have implemented this and successfully came up with a satisfying result that prevents cosmetics from altering which is to add water but control the mixing components to lower the available water activity.
This method of preserving the content - without adding any chemical components - and creating an environment that inhibits the growth of microorganisms and preventing cosmetics from altering is probably the world’s very first.
Expiration date is 3 years, even if it has no preservatives.
Lyanature products’ expiration date is equal to that of general cosmetic products.
All Lyanature’s products must go through tests to determine the presence of preservatives. Not a single preservative was detected in any of Lyanature’s products.
<Test result for Determination of Preservatives>
The preservative efficacy of all Lyanature’s products was verified despite not containing any preservatives.
<Test Result for Preservative Efficacy>