Lyanature Design
The combination and harmony of space, furniture, products and service are highly valued and
nurture the brand image of Lyanature.
Package&Tool Design
Lyanature's Container is carefully designed, considering the frictional properties and gripping surface, to safely open and close our products which are mainly composed of oil-based ingredients. The size of the container fits into a female’s hand perfectly and it is made easy to open and close by adding a bumpy dotted rubbery coating.
We put a nature's gift into our ceramics made of clay. Ceramics deliver the freshness of nature. Once you use up the Klenzer, you may use our ceramic container to grow small plants and flowers which will make a cute prop.
Fabric Package
We chose the fabric material for gifting solutions because it is versatile and can accommodate various shapes and sizes. We also chose this traditional Korean fabric for its vibrant colors and unique texture.
Bath Goods
We thought about which skincare applying tools are most essential and necessary. Our bubble bowl, brushes, and mesh bag have a design that is convenient, practical, and efficient. These product designs were produced after going through a number of testing for shaping and coloring.
Award Winner
2014 iF Design Award Gold
2014 iF Design Award Winner
2014 Japan Good Design Award Winner
2017 Red Dot Award Winner