Bath Goods
Our Bath Goods have both appealing design
and practicality, so our consumers will be able to
use them conveniently with ease and have a
joyful experience from it, too.
Pore Brush
This Pore Brush, densely-filled with over 530,000 ultra-thin and soft synthetic fiber, will minimize skin irritation and create rich foam for thorough cleansing. It also helps remove dead skin cells and makeup residues.
Shaver's Brush
This shaving brush brings comfort to every shave for men. Create a rich lather using this brush with our botanical cleanser, and then spread it onto your skin. Experience a deep cleansing effect with this brush - made of high quality, soft, and thin synthetic fiber.
Bubble Bowl
Inclined sides and plaid pattern of this ceramic bowl is ideal for producing rich foam.
Mesh Bag
This thin mesh pouch will create rich and dense cleansing foam. Keep Hard Klenzer in the mesh bag and hang it on the Hanger to maintain the shape and form of our Klenzer.
Stick the Pore Brush or Shaver’s Brush product to the Hanger to dry and keep them sanitary.
Keep Lyanature’s bath goods and cosmetics on this ceramic plate.
Hang our Hard Klenzer, placed in the mesh bag, on this Holder.
Klenzer Mate
Using Klenzer Mate in a mesh bag will create more voluminous foam and you will be able to u se it for an extended time.
Portable Pouch
This is a portable, multi-use pouch made of material that does not wrinkle easily.