Facial Cleanser
Feel the hydrated and elastic skin
even after cleansing.
Facial Products and Skin Care Routine Order
For morning washing Klenzer
Morning Klenzer 150ml
This pH-balanced facial foam cleanser washes away minor skin impurities.
When used in the morning or for a light face wash, it will gently wash away the impurities, even the water-resistant ones, and maintain the hydration, protecting the skin. The camellia flower and leaf extract’s conditioning component makes the skin smooth and clear after wash.
Point Makeup Remover
Oil Drop 40ml
Pure botanical makeup remover that gently removes point makeup
Pure botanical oil ingredient and saponin contents extracted from ginseng and balloon flower roots gently remove point makeup. It is safe to use it around lip and eye areas as it is a mild plant oil.
Cleansing Oil
Klenzing Oil 140ml
Pure botanical cleansing oil that gently removes makeup grime and build up
Saponin content from wild yam and ingredients derived from castor bean & coconut fruits gently and thoroughly cleanse pores, dissolving dirt and makeup residue from BB cream and foundation.
A youthful, clean, and flawless skin
starts with mild and gentle cleansing
Lyanature’s Hard type Klenzer, made with botanical oil, organic rice, etc in a pure botanical powder form, works in harmony with your skin to effectively purify and cleanse the skin. Feel the hydrated and elastic skin after washing with our Klenzer which is rich in oleic acid, ginsenoside, etc.
Extract oil from camellia seed and olive fruit which is great for nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
Make the botanical cleansing ingredient and harden the mixture for a day.
Make this hardened mixture into a powder form then, knead with grains and plant nutrients which help improve skin elasticity, whitening, etc.
After kneading, it’s made into a circular shape then placed in the compressor to give the exact shape and finally, Lyanature’s ‘Snow Klenzer’ is produced.
Facial Cleanser (Hard Type)
Snow Klenzer 50g / 85g
Lyanature’s main facial Klenzer containing indigenous cleansing ingredients
Rich raw grains ground into a fine powder mixed with oleic acid from camellia seed oil result in nutrient-rich and voluminous Klenzer foam which is easily absorbed into the skin for thorough cleansing. These products also contain organic plant contents and highly-enriched red ginseng extract which are essential nutrients for a healthy skin.
Snow Ball : Moisturizing agent has been added so it is great for dry skin.
Snow Bar : Great for oily skin as it will leave your skin feeling fresh.
Snow Klenzer SE 30gx5ea / 50gx2ea
Mild facial cleanser for sensitive skin
Camellia oil powder’s rich foam thoroughly washes away
the dirt build up and is rich of flavonoid content from the ice plant.
It protects the skin from harmful external elements.
Fleur Klenzer 85g
Facial klenzer with light, fresh scent
This is Snow Klenzer with an added scent of plant essential oil.
Pure botanical ingredients including camellia seed oil, organic
grain, and red ginseng extract create nutrient-rich foam and
gently cleanse the skin.
Fleur Ball : Floral fragrance with elegant neroli scent.
Fleur Bar : Citrus fragrance with fresh grapefruit scent.
• Stored in a container but can be packaged in ceramic or fabric.
(Separate purchase)
Snow/Fleur Twin Klenzer 50gx2ea
Facial cleanser with ingredients that lighten skin complexion and improve elasticity
These two klenzers contain skin complexion lightening
ingredients, such as organic rice and Job’s Tears. And also,
mung beans and black beans which are good for improving skin
elasticity. Place Klenzer in the mesh bag, wet with water, and
create enough foam to cleanse.
Hard Klenzer Products
How to use Hard Klenzer
Place Klenzer in the mesh bag,
wet with water, and create
enough foam.
Gently cleanse your face with
voluminous foam.
Wash off with lukewarm water.
Lightly wipe your face and leave the
remaining bit of water to be
absorbed into the skin.
How to Store Hard Klenzer
Keep it in the mesh bag and hang it to dry or
place it on the ceramic tray.
Reason why our Hard-type Klenzer is placed in ceramics…
It is to deliver the product fresh by preserving good nutrients of our klenzer via maintaining constant temperature and humidity level. Lyanature ceramics are all handmade and baked in a kiln. During this process, the smoke that is created as woods burn spirals in and outside of the ceramic and acts as sustainable sterilization agent.
Lyanature Ceramic Collection
Deep Cleanser
Gel Klenzer 30g / 30gx3ea
Daily moisturizing deep cleanser that provides longlasting moisture
This gel klenzer adheres well to the skin and effectively washes away all types of pollutants from the skin and pores. Rich moisturizing component of this product provides long-lasting moisture and vitality even after washing.
Tip Use with our pore brush for a more effective cleansing result
NS Powder Klenzer 40g
Deep cleanser that gently yet thoroughly removes all types of pollutants from the skin
Camellia oil powder and 12 types of nutrient-rich grain powders gently remove dead cells and dirt build-up on skin and pores.
Lee Young Ae’s Tip Use once or twice a week with our pore brush to wash away substances deep in your pores
• May be used as men’s shaving cream
Powder Cleanser
Traveler’s bag : Cleanser for travels1gx6ea
Conveniently packaged in single use packets for travel
A good mix of camellia oil powder and fine grains ensure your skin is cleansed thoroughly. Our soft and thin mesh pouch creates voluminous foam.
Keep your skin healthy just by
thoroughly washing your skin
with our klenzer, solidified with
nutrient-rich organic grains and
camellia oil.