Facial Skincare
A glowing, beautiful, and younger look
comes from healthy skin.
Facial Products and Skin Care Routine Order
Washing Type Toner
Washing Toner 140ml
Washing Toner maintains hydration of the skin
It contains highly-enriched ginseng extract and Ice Plant extract which is absorbed well into your skin to keep skin moisturized and to restore skin’s elasticity and vitality.
Hydrating&Moisturizing Nutrient Cream
CREME’ALL 10g / 50g
This 4-in-one intensive moisturizing cream restores skin’s resilience
This is an intensive moisturizing cream that has all four functions of a toner, lotion, essence, and hydration. Omega 3 fatty acid in sea mustard(Undaria pinnatifida) and other contents keep the moisture barrier moist. Polyphenol, vitamin C, and tannin contents rejuvenate and restore the elasticity of skin.
or Choose the right type for your skin
Cream Plus 100g
Hydrating cream that helps rejuvenate dull skin
This hydrating cream has all three functions; as a toner, lotion, and hydration. It is rich in tocopherol, vitamin C, and plant nutrients. This product protects the skin from external stress, and also, replenishes and rejuvenates the skin.
+ Blending Morning Mist with an appropriate amount of CREME’All or
Cream Plus for doubled moisture.
Morning Mist 140ml
Mineral mist contains 100% deep water from the East Sea
This natural, mineral-rich deep water content soothes and replenishes dry skin. Spray on frequently to keep the skin moist. It may be used as a toner.
When there is no filming, I normally use
highly-moisturizing and nutrient-rich
CREME’All product. For more hydration,
I blend it with Morning Mist and when it’s
extremely dry, I add a drop or two of Oil
Plus to CREME’All, which helps treat dry
skin. Around lip and eye areas, I use Gel
Krim which is high in tocopherol.
Multi Face Oil
Oil Plus 30ml
Moisturizing Face Oil, also called ‘Lee Young Ae’s oil’
Camellia oil, nutrients from highly enriched red ginseng, and Ice Plant contents form a protective coating and prevent moisture loss to keep your skin hydrated and supple. You can use it individually or blend it with a lotion, essence, or cream for long-lasting moisture.
Lee Young Ae’s Tip For better absorption, warm your hands by rubbing and place them over your face before using the product.
Eye Cream
Gel Krim 10g / 10gx3ea
Eye cream that promotes resilience
Gel krim softens the dry eye area. It is rich in tocopherol,
flavonoid, and saponine. It nourishes the skin and promotes
resilience. Apply it onto sensitive lip and eye areas frequently.
Nutrition Night Cream
Face Tonic Krim 5g / 50g
Moisturizing night cream that restores skin’s resilience
It contains broccoli extract (helps brighten the skin) and highly-enriched red ginseng extract (enhances skin’s elasticity). Use it at night by applying a small amount onto your face. You will see immediate change and rejuvenation in your skin the very next day.
Multi Balm
skin tonic balm 5g / 40g
Multi Oil Balm that intensely nourishes and soothes dry skin
Skin tonic balm contains camellia oil and avocado butter contents and has a smooth oil balm texture. When applied in the last step of the moisturizing routine, it will keep your skin moist and fresh all day long. All members of the family can use this product and it can be applied to all parts of your body, including the face.
Tip Blend skin tonic balm with humectants or BB cream for glowing, smooth skin.
Lip serum + treatment
Lipcare Intensive 4g
Intensive hydrating and nourishing night lipcare
Rose hip fruit oil provides sufficient amount of nutrients to your lips and cottonseed originated oil forms a semi-occlusive film on the lips, allowing it to retain moisture and nutrients. Use frequently, day and night, to revive your dull and chapped lips.