Gift Set
Lyanature’s botanical products are
a pleasant gift for both men and women.
Lyanature Gift Set
Trial Set with Lee Young Ae’s Skincare Regimen Botanic Skincare Set Ⅱ
Composed of Lee Young Ae’s favorite 6pc mini size products
Gel Klenzer 5g, Washing Toner 10ml, CREME'ALL 15g,
Oil Plus 10ml, Gel Krim 10g, Face Tonic Krim 15g
Lyanature’s Steady Seller Gift Set A
Composed of Signature Facial Cleanser and Lee Young Ae’s Oil
Snow Klenzer 50g, Oil Plus 30ml
Intensive skincare set for skin rejuvenation Best 3
Composed of Lyanature’s signature skincare products
Twin Klenzer (50g×2ea), CREME'ALL 50g, Oil Plus 30ml
Total care for Face, Hair and Body 3pc Set Gift Set B
Composed of total care products to replenish and nourish skin
SHAMPOO'All 230g, Shower Bar 90g, Cream Plus 100g
Facial and body care set for a beautiful bride Wedding Set
Composition : vary by season
mom&twins Gift Set
mom&twins Gift Set 1
Composed of products for a bath and moisturizing Cleanse + Moisturize
shampoo&bath 240ml, washing lotion&oil 240ml
mom&twins Gift Set 3
Composed of products for babies prone to dry skin Cleansing + Intensive Moisturize
shampoo&bath 240ml, cream&lotion 150g
mom&twins Gift Set 4
Compose the gift set yourself based on the baby’s skin type
shampoo&bath 240ml, washing lotion&oil 240ml,
cream&lotion 150g
Fabric Package
This traditional Korean fabric is made from
silk utilized in Han Boks and all dyed by hand,
adding an artisan touch for an ideal gift.
S White, Gray, Sky Blue, Light Purple, Pink Color
M White, Gray, Sky Blue, Watermelon Green Color
L White, Gray, Sky Blue, Watermelon Green, Light Purple, Pink Color
XL Yellow Color