Scalp, hair, and body care is just as
important as skincare.
Hair & Body Products and Hair Care Routine
SHAMPOO’ALL50g / 230g / 400g
SHAMPOO’ALL will keep your scalp healthy and hair voluminous
Coconut originated cleansing agent gently removes impurities, oil, and other hair build up. Triglyceride in camellia oil and canola flower originated content make your hair silky smooth even without the use of a conditioner.
Body Cleanser
Shower Gel90ml / 400ml
Shower Gel is a pH balanced Moisturizing body wash with pH level similar to that of the skin’s
Shower gel smoothly washes away dirt, fine dust, and skin build up. The pH level of this body wash is similar to the pH level of the skin (pH 4.5 – 5.5), so, your skin will be left smooth and moisturized after the wash. Antioxidant contents of lotus leaves and bamboo leaves will enhance elasticity of the skin and the fresh citrus scent will relax both your body and mind.
Shower Bar90g
Refreshing cleanser with rich plant nutrient contents
Cleansing element from coconut seed oil and camellia oil washes the body thoroughly, removing all impurities with rich foam. Contents such as saponin from red ginseng and plant-based elements will enhance the cleansing effect and the subtle scent of essential oil will vitalize your body and mind.
Body Oil
Body Treatment Oil120ml
This is a nourishing and moisturizing body oil which makes the skin smooth and improves skin elasticity.
Korean pine nut oil’s omega-6 fatty acid and nutrients from plant oil are absorbed into skin without stickiness and they help improve skin elasticity. It’s good to use during pregnancy for skin care.
Hand Cream
Hand Cream30g
Refreshing Hand Cream will make your hands soft and healthy
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Lyanature’s shampoo thoroughly cleanses and
removes impurities with its dense, rich foam
Lyanature’s shampoo doesn’t seem to produce voluminous foam compared to other shampoos. Does it cleanse and remove impurities well?
Yes, Lyanature’s shampoo contains a huge amount of mild botanical cleansing agent which produces exceedingly dense and rich foam. This foam cleanses the scalp thoroughly and effectively.
Is it okay to skip conditioner after using SHAMPOO’ALL?
Yes, Tocopherol and triglyceride contents in camellia oil protect and smooth your hair, so there’s no need for a conditioner.