Lyanature’s mom&twins is a
mother’s valuable gift to keep baby’s skin
smooth and healthy.
mom&twins products and Application Steps
Face&Body Cleanser
mom&twins klenzer85g
Face & Body Cleanser made from a combination of camellia oil and plant nutrient contents
Natural pure grain’s fine particles and mild botanical extracts create nutrient-rich foam to gently wash away impurities. Oleic acid and tocopherol from whole wheat extracts protect the baby’s skin from external stressors.
All in One Cleanser
This acid balanced shampoo&bath's pH level is similar to that of the skin surface pH level - gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.
Our shampoo&bath contains no chemical detergents*. This acid balanced, botanical shampoo& bath’s pH level is similar to that of a person’s skin surface pH level(4.5 - 5.5), so, it is safe and gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s economical and convenient as no other bath products are necessary.
* Synthetic detergents according to ICID(International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary)
shampoo junior230g
Protects delicate scalp and makes voluminous hair
This product contains camellia seed oil and sunflower seed oil which are good for the baby’s scalp and hair. Sunflower seed oil’s tocopherol content protects the baby’s delicate scalp and camellia oil’s oleic acid makes hair smooth, so a conditioner is not necessary.
Seung Bin & Seung Gwon’s Skin Protection Method
Taking care of your skin from a young age is
essential to maintain a healthy skin. My twins have been
using mom&twins, made with mild botanical extracts,
ever since they were newborns.
Washing Type Body Oil
washing lotion&oil240ml
Refreshing Lotion & Oil will enhance skin’s moisture and provide nutrients
It contains pure plant tocopherol content which provides moisture and nutrients to the baby’s delicate skin. Apply it on the body during shower, then rinse with water. It will leave the kin fresh and smooth without stickiness.
Morning Mist140ml
Deep water mineral contents in Morning Mist will make your skin healthier
This 100% natural, mineral-rich deep water content will soothe and replenish dry skin. Use frequently around lip area or dry areas to protect and keep your skin healthy. It may be used as a wet tissue by spraying the mist on a cotton towel.
+ Blending Cream & Lotion with Morning Mist for long-lasting moisture.
Hydrating & Moisturizing
Cream and Lotion is especially helpful and good for babies prone to dry skin
Camellia oil’s tocopherol and oleic acid contents provide nutrients to skin and enhance hydration so it is especially good for babies prone to dry skin. Antioxidant content from plants will protect baby’s delicate skin.
tip Increase the amount of
Morning Mist if you prefer to have a
lighter, lotion-type form
Apply cream&lotion onto wet skin or
after spraying on the mist
For both body oil and massage oil
skin tonic oil110ml
Body moisturizing oil for delicate skin
Botanical antioxidants make delicate skin healthy. When applied frequently over the entire body, phytosqualane content will make the body become supple, and also keep the skin moist for a long time. It may be used as a baby massage oil.
For both multi-balm and diaper balm
skin tonic balm5g / 40g
Multi Oil Balm that intensely nourishes and soothes dry skin
Skin tonic balm contains camellia oil and avocado butter contents and has smooth oil balm texture. When applied in the last step of the moisturizing routine, it will keep your skin moist and fresh all day long. It will gently soothe your baby’s dry skin. All members of the family can use this product and it can be applied to all parts of your body, including the face.